Silver Window SnapeZo® poster size 11X17 - 1 inch profile

Silver Window SnapeZo® poster size 11X17 - 1 inch profile


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Secure and protect your posters and displays from the weather with SnapeZo® weather-resistant frames! The same weather-resistant poster frame as specified for exposed areas by schools, hotels, colleges, movie theaters and retail stores worldwide. Also used in restaurants, community centers, schools, galleries or at home to showcase poster or artwork. This solid aluminum SnapeZo® frame is made to the highest industry standards, the best quality available at the lowest price. It features a super white translucent backing offering some water resistance and gives the posters 'pop'. Strong, yet lightweight and easy to use. The front snaps open on spring hinges to change posters- no tools or removal from wall required. Flexible PVC lens offers non-glare and UV protection. Comes with the key and all the necessary mounting hardware. This frame can be hung both vertically and horizontally. SnapeZo® is the industry standard- we supply the world's leading brands- Disney, NASA, Walgreens, ABC, etc. Buy with confidence from industry's best: SnapeZo®


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