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How Can We Contact You ?

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Product FAQ

SnapeZo Frame FAQ

What Is A Snap Frame?

What Is A Double-Sided SnapeZo Frame?

What Is A Window SnapeZo Frame?

What Is A Poster Case?

What Is A Locking SnapeZo Frame?

What Will My Snap Frame Come With?

SnapeZo Snap Frame Backing

How thick can my poster/artwork/puzzle be?

Can I display a mirror or use glass in my snap frame?

Can I buy the profiles or extrusion in lengths?

What are SnapeZo frames made from?

Are SnapeZo Backings And Covers Acid Free?

Are Frames Fully Assembled?

What Is A Profile? What's The Difference Between 1-inch Profile and 1.25-inch Profile?

Are SnapeZo Weather-Resistant?

I Want To Be Able To View Both Sides Of My Graphic. What SnapeZo Frame Should I Order?

Are SnapeZo frames Fire Retardant?

Are Snap Frames suitable for outdoors use?

Painting Your Snapframe

Can Our Frames Be Engraved?

Are SnapeZo Frames Poster Size or Frame Size?

Does SnapeZo Frames have mounting holes in the back?

What Is The Visible Area of SnapeZo Frames?

Can SnapeZo Frames be attached to a sign stake?

Is The Backing Strong Enough That Can Be Used to Stand Alone on an Easel?

When Using Double-Sided Snap Frames. Do You Have To Take It Down To Change Posters Or Can You Change Them While They're Hanging?

Could Standard Snap Frames Hold Foam Core?

What can snap frames be mounted to?

Can Snap Frames be mounted in sheetrock walls?

White backing yellowed

Oversize items

SnapeZo PET Covers

How do I clean a PET cover?

What's The Difference Between A Clear PET And Non-Glare PET Cover?

Which side of the cover faces out?

My poster will be displayed in a interior home theater. Do I need to use the non-reflective cover, clear-glossy cover or both?

Can dry erase markers be used with the PET covers?

Issues with PET Cover-"wavy"- Can I use acrylic instead?

What is the thickness of the clear and anti-glare covers?

What is the largest snap frame that can be created?

SnapeZo Installation

How To Install A Snap Frame

Can SnapeZo Frames Be Hung With Wire?

What Other Alternative Installation Options Do I Have?



When will I get my Refund?

Cancellations,Returns FAQ


I need to cancel my order, how can I do that?


How do I return my order ?

Shipping and Export

General Shipping FAQ

Arranging To Have Your Courier Pick Up Your SnapeZo Frames

Can I Ship With My Own Account?

Frames In Several Key Locations

Can I give delivery instructions for my order ?

Do you ship worldwide?

Worldwide Snap Frame Shipping

What is the duty on SnapeZo frames ?

What is the harmonisation code for SnapeZo?

Export Orders

Do you ship small orders to other countries?

Damaged Frames

I have received my order damaged. What do I do?

My package appears damaged and UPS is still here. What should I do?

I ordered my frame on Amazon and it's arrived damaged. What should I do ?


Warranty Activation

What is the warranty? How do I activate it?

Do you have a guarantee?

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