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27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile
27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile

Display printable art, home photos, posters or fine art prints in a snap with easy-to-hang, and even easier to change out art in these SnapeZo® patented, front-loading frames. Perfect for use in your home office, den, dorm or kids room to create gallery walls, or showcase your favorite customized artwork. Never fight with changing out artwork again. Made with durability in mind, this solid aluminum frame is made to the highest industry standards, the best quality available at the lowest price. Strong, yet lightweight and shockingly easy-to-use. The front snaps open on spring hinges to change posters- no tools and removal from wall required. Flexible PVC lens offers non-glare and UV protection. Comes with all the necessary hardware & concealed mounting holes or hang with 3M Command Strips. This frame can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

27x40 Black SnapeZo® Snap Frame - 1.25" Profile

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  • Professional SnapeZo® movie poster frame. specified by movie theaters worldwide
  • Unique SnapeZo® trademark snap design & quality, super-white backing, 6 year warranty on metal parts
  • Two SnapeZo® covers: UV protecting non-reflective and a clear glossy pvc cover included
  • SnapeZo® unique white translucent backing; gives your posters 'pop' - don't accept dull grey sign board
  • Easily fixed to wall with provided kit , 3m command strips or many alternative options
  • Visible Area: 26.2 x 39.2 inches, external dimensions: 28.7 x 41.7 inches
  • What’s the difference between this product, SNAP-27-40-B-32MM and TFSNAP-27-40-B-32MM? One is $79.99, and the other is $49.99. Thanks!

    SnapeZo: It says Snapezo on the box, has white Backing, SnapeZo Clear, and Non-Reflective Covers, and the enhanced packaging on individual frames to assist with damage reduction during shipping and handling.
    TRADEframes - Same high-grade aluminum, Gray Styrene backing, a single Non-Reflective cover.

  • What is the difference between black and brushed black?

    Hello Andrea,

    The black frame has a matte-looking color. However, the brushed black is gleaming and bright.


  • The instructional stickers on the transparent panels were placed so that part of the sticker edge was directly on the panel, and despite being very careful, would not remove cleanly. I was going to try some Goo-Gone to finish removing the residue. Any suggestions on what would work best to remove the residue without damaging the panel?

    Hello and thank you for reaching out. Isopropyl alcohol is good enough to remove the adhesive.

  • What is the outside dimensions from screw plate to screw plate (vertical and horizontal) for 27x40 frame with a 1.25 profile?

    External dimensions are 28.7inches x 41.7 inches

  • Is the PVC covering the same as plexiglass? Is there hardware included to hang the poster on a picture hook?

    We do not use Plexiglass in our frames. The PVC Covers we used are Polyvinyl Chloride Covers. Yes, we include the mounting hardware with the snap frames.

  • I purchased a poster frame 27x41 For my daughters poster. There is a space around it that I would like to buy a black mat for to center it .... where can I find a mat that fits ? 26.2 x39.2 do you have a fake front poster sheet with black around edges that might work?

    Unfortunately we do not currently offer custom matts, perhaps your local framing store can be of assistance.

  • Hello. Can these be used on top of a light box for backlighting?

    We have had many customers use our Snapezo® frames for this purpose and they are extremly satisfied with the results.

  • How are these fixed to the wall? Are the screw visible?

    These are designed to be screwed to the wall through the pre-drilled holes visible only when the frame is open.  We do have a great video showing how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HUHqOAbKo4&t=30s  

  • do these already have led lights and poster if not is that option available

    These movie poster frames do not come with LED lights.

  • What are the exact size and threads for the screws provided with this frame  SNAP-27-40-B-32MM because you only provide 4 and i need more of the same size and thread.

    There can be very subtle differences in batches, so if you need identical best to take one into the local hardware store and ask them to match.

  • Hi there just wondering if you ship to canada or if you have distributors in canada that I can buy from since your amazon orders don’t ship to canada. Please let me know how much this black frame would be 27x 40 movie poster frame my address is 3777 ulster st Port Coquitlam V3b7h1

    I'm so sorry, we do not ship to Canada. Our sister company snapframesdirect.com does, however.

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