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About Us

SnapeZo® designers perfected poster frames for your homes, business or school.

Front-opening frames have been around since the early 1900’s. First patented by Daniel Schafer of Middleton, New York for a Wall Paper Display Frame, subsequent designs evolved such as the Bill Posting Device (by E.E. Gallup) and the Tackless Display Holder (T. R. Thomas). These frames were manufactured from metal in the 1940s and were used primarily in industrial applications.

The SnapeZo® engineering team took these design principles to the next level, further enhancing with better quality materials, additional functionality and more robust manufacturing processes to make them more versatile, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective.

SnapeZo®  is specified by architects for all commercial and consumer applications including retail, hospitality, banking, entertainment, automotive, real estate, education, health care and public service industries (e.g. churches, community centers, and libraries.

SnapeZo®  uses a bright white rigid styrene backing which enhances the brightness of the printed contents and its translucency also allows for easy backlighting. Many frames are also manufactured from narrow gauge agricultural frame quality aluminum to reduce costs.  Sadly, customers end up paying more in the long run because the frames have a very short life span and must be replaced more often.

SnapeZo®  use commercial grade aluminum to ensure the frames won’t buckle or bend, making them last much longer and more durable for repeated use.   SnapeZo®stainless springs also come with a 5-year free replacement warranty.

SnapeZo®  is so confident in its superior quality that all resellers offer their customers a free returns Policy.